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23:52 Posts: 1 please Help good people! I’m an HR Manager and urgently need term paper, on the theme ” managing personnel( specific)”, help meterial, if you do not mind, a poor student, really need to go:) Pliz. Katyusha, please specify what information You need. All the topic “personnel Management in the enterprise” VERY extensive:) Concretepirate Your question and people will be easier to share information.

(please note that some information may fall under the category of “confidential” or “trade secret”) Thesis – even coursework help service the diploma about the transition of the personnel Department in the office of personnel management (SOUP) on a specific enterprise. Details about the activities, enterprise organization, analysis org.

structure, financial and economical. indicators, functions of the personnel Department. Details developed the transition of this division into the SOUP, selection of personnel, equipment and budget, the time of this project, and so Given the rationale and the need for service personnel management JSC firm < .. > calculation of economic efficiency.

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