Texas Homeowners Insurance

Nothing defines the traditional “American Dream” more accurately than home ownership. The ability to settle in a house is something that most working adults set as one of their life-long goals. They enjoy the fact that a growing family literally has room to stretch out. In particular, being able to relax in one’s own landscaped backyard is a source of pride.

Installing a swimming pool is something that most homeowners see as the ultimate in luxurious living. A private swimming pool provides for years of fun, safe “staycations” that can be shared with extended family, friends and neighbors. What each homeowner should carefully consider before planning and contracting with a swimming pool installation company is how it will impact the cost of their homeowners insurance policy.

Homeowners will usually already have a homeowners insurance policy in place to take care of possible damages and property losses. Having proof of reliable homeowners insurance is seen as a necessity, especially if one is paying off a home mortgage to a bank or other lending institution. However, the liability issues that can be directly caused by a backyard swimming pool may raise one’s homeowners insurance premiums substantially.

When purchasing a pre-owned house on the real estate market with a pool or breaking ground for a new swimming pool, prospective pool owners need to be aware of many important factors. Swimming pools come with several inherent risks that directly affect one’s homeowners insurance. These include accidents that can occur in and around the pool itself. Both adults and children may slip and fall on wet surfaces, causing serious injuries. In the most severe of situations, there could even be a drowning in your pool.

While these incidents are terrifying to think about, they can and do happen to thousands of homeowners every year. This is why insurance professionals urge the owners of swimming pools to thoroughly read their current homeowners insurance policy. If they don’t already have an umbrella policy that covers everything, this may be the time to look into buying one. While umbrella style policies may cause many insurance premiums to rise by several hundred dollars, the purchase of this type of homeowners insurance can provide coverage up to a million dollars or more.

To lower the costs of homeowners insurance, pool owners must work to make their own property as safe and accident free as possible. Proper fencing around the swimming pool is required, in addition to child-safe locking mechanisms. Safety covers should be placed around all pool pumps and filters. The removal of a diving board is also one way to discourage guests from diving into the pool, a prime cause of serious injuries.

Should a homeowner be throwing a poolside gathering or party, hiring a trained lifeguard is certainly a method for reducing liability issues. As well, children and infants must be attended by adults at all times. With due diligence and careful planning, owning a swimming pool can be enjoyable without endangering the protection of one’s homeowners insurance.

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